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Pham Luan has blazed into the picture with bright colors, but they mix and merge in a clever way to make viewers feel like they can be lost in a enchanted and emotional labyrinth.The trees are drawn by thick strokes of canvas brush that occupy a small space in the painting. The booths and moss-covered walls contain nostalgic tones of sadness but are blended with the light tones of the sky, the cover, the terrace and the path…everything has created a balance for the charisma of the picture. The details that make up the soul for the painting focus on sales people, roadside people, and pretty motorbikes. The painter carefully observes the overall nature of the painting and he leaves the imprint in dictation  well as the emotion in the painting.

"Hang Dao" street

By Vietnamese Artist

Pham Luan

Dimensions 70 x 87 cm | 27.6 x 34.3 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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