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The talent of an artist expressed well when he dares to paint the common destination. Ha Long Bay it is a very unique famous sightseeing, worldwide natural heritage recognized by UNESCO and now it is appeared in Hong Viet Dung’s paintings by a special way, symbolistic because of its simplicity and modification. The viewer wonders how the artist can sketch a Ha Long Bay so poetic in his artistic world, which is always colorful and always reduces the image. We can fully recognize the Ha Long Bay by the gray mountains shadowed in the sunset, a boat floating on the water with a skillful brush strokes. The paintings of Hong Viet Dung are simply, but simplicity is the top, but his top is the master in the world of painting that favors colorful tones.

Ha Long bay

By Vietnamese Artist

Hong Viet Dung

Dimensions 100 x 120 cm | 39.4 x 47.2 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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