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As the irony of fate, the naughgty student, stubborn and always be punished – a mature Nguyen Trong Minh pursues the path to become an art teacher. The good hopes replacing educational limitations have experienced quickly ended no sooner than after three years as an art teacher at a secondary school. He has just became a professional artist from several small exhibitions, pursuing certain themes, though most of them were silhouettes of realistic styles that blended pop art and manifested but the own life of Nguyen Trong Minh associated with the educational issues, has created truly original and promising artworks. With these paintings, Nguyen Trong Minh has cloned his characters aim to the humanistic spirit. These are true reflections on the limitations of our country’s education - creating the same mechanical people. The black stains on the shirt, on the uniforms of students as the traces of the "individual". It is a discrimination and discrimination still exist. And through this painting, the artist wants to express the desire and hopes for innovation in education nowadays.

Grave V

By Vietnamese Artist

Nguyen Trong Minh

Dimensions 170 x 150 cm | 66.9 x 59.1 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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