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In the deep memory of the artist, the Vietnamese village is beautiful and blurry, as Dao Hai Phong once said: "drawing forever but still not satisfied." Dao Hai Phong uses colors flexibly. Besides his unique blue color, the yellow is also full of virtual variables. The yellow of the sunset, the yellow of the light through the window, the yellow of the leaves, the yellow of the leaves falling, the yellow of the water edge, the boat... The yellow suffuses completely the water, it wants to pop out but still stays in the light of the cottage, the depth of the orange skyand then the yellow light through the window. The late autumn  stays on the empty boat without a shadow of human, to collect the yellow light like the color of fire of autumn left over the door under the poor cottage which has a girl waiting under the hidden desire.

Golden afternoon

By Vietnamese Artist

Dao Hai Phong

Dimensions 80 x 133 cm | 31.5 x 52.4 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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