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We see the familiar image of Ao dai – a traditional costume in Le Huu Ich's paintings but his unique way in creating the outlines is so strange that viewers can not stop staring at the painting. In the paintings of Le Huu Ich, the character always has a little problem, not self-indulgent in the interior, thus to Le Huu Ich, the use of bright and prominent tone is a method of lever to arise the inner transformations taking place deep inside our souls. Simulating simple things, simple little things in life is a recognizable feature in Le Huu Ich's paintings but the artist always knows how to exploit maximumly these normal things to connect with the stream of the public's thoughts about his viewpoint in lives. From this, his paintings evoke the obsession and fascination to viewers.

Girl with the lantern II

By Vietnamese Artist

Le Huu Ich (1968 - 2019)

Dimensions 80 x 80 cm | 31.5 x 31.5 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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