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It is often said that painting is a way of perceiving the world, perhaps we can further emphasize that it is a way of loving the world. The artist presents to everyone the images of an outside world seen by the inner eye of his soul. The artist creates a world to love and to keep. Bloating in patience, pursuing a new beauty for nature and people, the twist, freshness and gentleness of the  women beside the river in the paintings of the contemporary painter Pham Hong Son brings us a glimpse in a dream. The relief of the gaps in the painting is the new poetry for this difficult subject.


By Vietnamese Artist

Pham Hong Son

Dimensions 80 x 100 cm | 31.5 x 39.4 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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Ship same day and arrives in 7 working days in USA and Europe and 5 working days in Asia


All paintings are Original and come with a Certificate of Authenticity

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