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Le Khac Cuong is an artist known for his diverse creativity and drawing style. For example, other artists who have always stabilized their style, Le Khac Cuong chose a completely new direction. He drew 8-9 different styles of paintings that if we only look from the outside, we can assume that they are from different artists. Each style has its high quality and if it is widely developed, it can become a separate phase of him. Le Khac Cuong once said: “I don't like to repeat myself. Looking for something new has always kept me interested. Instead of pursuing an old model, I want to create something new."


In the work "Family II", Le Khac Cuong portrayed a "discourse" on family affection, an artistic dialogue between close characters through skillful blocks, full of emotions and to make his art speak for itself, without the need for a profound speech.

Family II

By Vietnamese Artist

Le Khac Cuong

Dimensions 152 x 110 cm | 59.8 x 43.3 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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