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Pham Khanh Thanh often chooses the theme of originating from the natural surroundings that surround him, his memories and his imagination combined to create the miraculous transformation of color. The young green color combination with lemon yellow color creates an impressive visual effect. Dark green color gives depth to the rest of the work as a way of expressing the real dharmakaya and shaping. Occupying three-fourths of the painting is a light color but leaving only a bit of space to express the darkness of the scene is how Pham Khanh Thanh intends to put the viewer into his art labyrinth. Pham Khanh Thanh cares so much about the emotional effects that the picture makes to the viewer. To his image, even if it contains nostalgia, is never sad or dry, but is connected in the Emotional impression of the artist.

Early morning in the autumn

By Vietnamese Artist

Pham Khanh Thanh

Dimensions 110 x 210 cm | 43.3 x 82.7 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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