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The images of Hong Viet Dung lead us to the idea that the objective is only the echoes of the mind and must destroy the reality outside for the suggestion inside. The painting has the lyrical nature of people and the scene, and has something is hidden in a dream. The painting depicts a girl wearing a handkerchief embracing a bird as a message of compassion and humanity that is permeated by the art world of the contemporary Asian artist Hong Viet Dung. Sometimes, watching the paintings of Hong Viet Dung, the viewer feels like falling into the other dimension of reality, which can be a region of space where deep memory deepens into the past, where it can also be a magical world that people go from the real world to the spiritual world.


By Vietnamese Artist

Hong Viet Dung

Dimensions 100 x 100 cm | 39.4 x 39.4 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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