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A book of Chinese characters, the oil lamp only a lamp, a quill pen, the center of the painting is an ancient painting ... all arranged in a special context in the imagination of the person. See the challenge in a space where the artist reveals the resonance of a revered era. That can be regarded as the aftertaste, echoes from a past where Le Thanh Minh cherish and nourish every moment of the god of painting. The artist Le Thanh Minh directly influenced by classical painting, every detail or color are soaked in the classic Eastern style, representing the generation of artists who fall in love with the past, holding on to the bold beauty Asian style.


By Vietnamese Artist

Le Thanh Minh

Dimensions 75 x 98 cm | 29.5 x 38.6 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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All paintings are Original and come with a Certificate of Authenticity

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