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As a painter pursuing traditional lacquer art, Trinh Quoc Chien experimented with a series of abstract Buddhist paintings. Each of his paintings always seems to contain a secret. In love with the East, his lacquer paintings always depict the emotions in front of the landscape in accordance with the traditional trend. The bell is a spiritual and mysterious image that conjures up the sounds of temples, pagodas, spiritual and cultural spaces of Buddhism. For Buddhism, a bell is an icon that emits sound with special vibrational frequencies, which can be found in the love of the four gods. From this, Trinh Quoc Chien always wanted to capture in his paintings the most special, most prominent of spiritual space heaven and sky, with the color tones convergence full of beauty of temple culture and Buddhism temples and pagodas.

Budda's foot

By Vietnamese Artist

Trinh Quoc Chien

Dimensions 98 x 90 cm | 38.6 x 35.4 inches
Medium Lacquer Painting on Wood

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