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Art critic Thai Ba Van used to share a few words about Trinh Quoc Chien’s artwork: “The language in Trinh Quoc Chien lacquer is soft, pleading that modern art in Vietnam - because of the busy life - has been forgotten lingering for many years. When enjoying Trinh Quoc Chien's artworks, we see the image is never locked up in its body shape and sharpness. Or to put it another way, the image is not framed, but it engages in viewers' ideas. The artistic announcement is not unilateral and intended to be sent to specific people. It has never been (or been) fully exploited, but multiplied by each viewer each time. "


Trinh Quoc Chien's works, especially on the subject of religion, are always restless and busy with thoughts. Even though it is a story of belief, the works evoke existentialism quite a lot, asking questions and answers to those who seek the truth: we are the creators of our meaning.

Buddahood II

By Vietnamese Artist

Trinh Quoc Chien

Dimensions 98 x 90 cm | 38.6 x 35.4 inches
Medium Lacquer Painting on Wood

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