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The difference makes the style of paintings that can not be mixed in Trinh Quoc Chien's paintings are material, theme, color and expression. The extraordinary luxury is the original feeling when viewers enjoy his paintings. He choses lacquer as the main material to express his thoughts, feelings and artistic humanity message. The image of the Buddha always presents in the painting as a possibility, a self-nature of the Three Jewels has formed in his heart as a root, a source that he will never forget. In addition to express the unique spiritual theme, he also introduced new ways to create a picture, not to mention the layout, the way he worshiped gold in a luxurious red background has conquered the viewer absolutely when expressing spiritual issues in a narrow frame.


By Vietnamese Artist

Trinh Quoc Chien

Dimensions 124 x 84 cm | 48.8 x 33.1 inches
Medium Lacquer Painting on Wood

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