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Le Thiet Cuong's painting has a strange spirit, it blends filtering qualities of memory and word savings and the minimalist of human civilization. As the painter has thought, it is minimal concision, of course, it must be at least one, but one that can not be added or subtracted. In his art space, the lotuses start to bloom, folk games are re-played, the loneliness is repeatly alone without the fear of being lost by the modern painting language has to bear it. In overall, it is an extremely important discovery. Le Thiet Cuong’s paintings show the tendency to integrate the innocence and philosophicality towards an important goal of timelessness. This is his own appearance, the appearance is formed by the harmonious balance of the modern color, layout, the image processing with traditional cultural memory. Le Thiet Cuong's paintings or oil paintings have a very simple exterior: houses, landscapes, rivers, solitary silhouettes, towns and bridges. The minimum as well as the quiet nature of each scene strongly affects the viewer's vision.

Bowls and chopsticks II

By Vietnamese Artist

Le Thiet Cuong

Dimensions 100 x 120 cm | 39.4 x 47.2 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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