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Only in the innovation stage, Vietnamese fine arts have new art masterpieces emerged as a result of critical-reality style production, but much of it is dominated by modern pop art, or distant superposition, more or less, with the macro-politics which is not the essence of the multi-talented Vietnamese artist. The rare artists of reality style are as crippled by imprudence. The young artist  Nguyen Trong Minh follows in the footsteps of a once-in-a-lifetime literary critique that has been very successful in confronting a new society that has many social troubles. As a revolution of law, contemporary society presents has so many problems to explain, leaving only the theme and form to assure the ultimate requirement of the artistic creation. The paintings are rich in color, unlike gray, black and white paintings commonly seen in the Nguyen Trong Minh paintings, in this painting, he focuses on exploiting multi-dimensional and and hard to speak out for words for his characters.


By Vietnamese Artist

Nguyen Trong Minh

Dimensions 130 x 100 cm | 51.2 x 39.4 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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