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Pham Hong Son has captured the precious moments of ordinary life to raise the voice of praise for the beauty of life and love for nature of his country. The variations in his paintings have not changed much in terms of themes, compositions, lines and colors, but for each of the different paintings, the viewer has the opportunity to enjoy the talents of the artist. The sky is in the blurry mist, the woman and a bamboo bridge are on the river as an affirmation of the warmth of life ... The imagines of bridge, shore, water often appear in painting, literature, art emotions sometimes grieve, emotionally free passivity about life ... but beyond that, it is the way the artist expresses his viewpoint and love for life, for human beings.

Bamboo bridge II

By Vietnamese Artist

Pham Hong Son

Dimensions 80 x 100 cm | 31.5 x 39.4 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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