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The city painting of Pham Luan is transformed by the bright colors, bright and suggestive. Pham Luan's ancient quarter is painted by a domain of memories which the artist puts the main impression on the details of the street that are both realistic and nostalgic. Yellow leave of the trees is a typical feature of Hanoi and this scenery is highlighted on the landscape with the strong brush strokes. Small and beautiful houses with shops close together, occasionally adorning the images of  motorcycles some decades ago, bustling streets with people and cars tucked on the street. There are a number of shops with pedestrians, street vendors and small details such as balconies, power poles, windows, roofs ... Just with very simple details but the combination of emotion and long brush strokes, it seems that the talented artist has awaken the viewers a forgotten love to the beautiful streets in their hometown.

Autumn afternoon

By Vietnamese Artist

Pham Luan

Dimensions 80 x 135 cm | 31.5 x 53.1 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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