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The work always appear with the space composition of sadness. Are the moods of the aggregates described by black brush strokes through the portraits like a dark canal? Or a torment that can not be expressed by the artist? Watching the paintings of Nguyen Trong Minh, viewers feel the most simple, the most ordinary is shown on the canvas through each stroke. Another prominent feature in the art style of Nguyen Trong Minh that is the "duplicate" method that draw many times a character. The same people mean that things have not just happened to an individual, but to many people at the same time it makes a strong obsession on the minds of those who have seen the paintings. Known in the context of the contemporary and human cloning of Pop-art, the paintings of Nguyen Trong Minh represent in a direct way the problems of modern society and the attitude is so strong.

Ascention V

By Vietnamese Artist

Nguyen Trong Minh

Dimensions 200 x 300 cm | 78.7 x 118.1 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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