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Tran Nhat Thang is a painter who specializes in abstract art since graduation from Hanoi University of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Arts (now it is the Vietnam Fine Arts University). The paintings that Tran Nhat Thang drew, are not ordinary phenomena as they are, but rather the states of his emotions and imagination. Like a phoenix flying high on wide wings, he was free to create his own artistic crest to produce richly expressive works. The painting "Untitled" is both a priori of beauty and truth, and of experience itself. His works are minimalist, less color, white, black, brown and a little red. The viewer seems to be able to rotate, turn the picture to enjoy it on the white canvas, his work, like the ink smashed into the wall unintentionally, they become what form , how it feels depends on the imagination of the viewer. That is also the expression that Tran Nhat Thang wants to target in his paintings. "They contain only aesthetics, new work stimulates co-creativity in the viewer," he said. And what Tran Nhat Thang cares, is the emotion that the pictures bring to the public, not the content of it.


By Vietnamese Artist

Tran Nhat Thang

Dimensions 80 x 120 cm | 31.5 x 47.2 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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