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The painter Tran Nhat Thang keeps the minimalistic thinking that brings the color of the oriental calligraphy in the picture. The paintings of Tran Nhat Thang are only symbolic images, evoking ideas rather than specific appearance. The painter said that "Happy zone" with him was a peaceful place, influenced the Buddhist spirit. Tran Nhat Thang's paintings place the viewer on the virtual border of confused, in an intuitive state rather than rational. According to the artist, abstract paintings are very closely linked to life because it is love, pain, interest and urge, in the depths not only of the artist but also of everyone. That way, the abstract is actually the closest thing and the most realistic. Being sympathy to the way of thinking with Tran Nhat Thang, the painter Le Thiet Cuong - an artist who also pursues minimalist art commented: "Tran Nhat Thang draws only his feelings, his heart and mind, looking in I can not have any abstract expression other than abstract. "

Happy zone

By Vietnamese Artist

Tran Nhat Thang

Dimensions 80 x 160 cm | 31.5 x 63 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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