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The image of the woman has created a great artistic inspiration for thousands of painters around the world. For Trần Lưu Hậu, honor the value and beauty of the woman is the way he has spent much of his heart for so long. His naked female portrait does not display a mundane yet beautiful, glamorous, seductive beauty. Strong pen, intense coloring, reveal deep abyss, private secrets of woman body. The self-portraiture of a young woman like the lightning-fast beauty of the female has just blinked moments instinctively revealed, the women moment of peak women. The girl sat there, bowed, the white lines along the body, abdomen, thighs and legs. She is naked woman, beautiful painting to silence.


By Vietnamese Artist

Tran Luu Hau

Dimensions 110 x 80 cm | 43.3 x 31.5 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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