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Pham An Hai's abstract paintings are a proactive and he has a stable technique, ever since he began his work in a very realistic way. The strong and personal brush strokes have shown the imagines of branches stretching their roots to exist. These trees are growing and wanna to tell their stories. The color of the painting "The story of the trees" that Pham An Hai uses also real, not too complicated, he chose only two colors of light and dark, black and white, the minimalist helped the artist to deliver the message of this painting vigorously and quickly to the viewer. We feel the soft, flexible and changable brush strokes of the artist on the canvas to show a very personal character of this prominent artist.

The story of the trees (sold)

By Vietnamese Artist

Pham An Hai

Dimensions 136 x 254 cm | 53.5 x 100 inches
Medium Acrylic on canvas

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