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From the feel of life "so crowded, vague, complicated" that Nguyen Trong Minh has drawn the  paintings expressing directly feelings and views of the artist's life. Nguyen Trong Minh's works reflect what is happening around, just a little mock realism. He uses primarily realism style, combined with the human cloning method of pop-art art to create paintings, which is appropriate and rare in the direction of critical realism that has not attracted many painters’ attendance. The paitning "Collective error V" is simply a punishment for a group people, but it contains meaningful messages that multiply a single image with no identity, no sign. Is emotion implied by imposing, or molding a series of future individuals of the right educational method that we are pursuing? The rigid punishments applied and become the obsession of many generations of students. All of them have been shown by the artist on a flat surface of the painting to match the intention of the artist contrasted between the static and the stamping the mood into an object of criticism content.

Collective error V

By Vietnamese Artist

Nguyen Trong Minh

Dimensions 200 x 300 cm | 78.7 x 118.1 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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