In this sculpture work, Nguyen The Dung's image of the cow has a change in posture, and more importantly, the painter has used luxurious gold color to sculpt his image. Nguyen The Dung said he chose the simple cow because he wanted to create something familiar with him,  because he was born in a countryside, therefore the cow image has become so familiar with him. He wants to convey the message of the human, as they live in a time that is heavily influenced by the technology that drives their individual inhibition. In addition to make the molds of themselves, people tend to follow the masses, or simply say, it is the "herd" culture. So they can dress up on their own elegant dresses but in the shape of a cow. The hidden message contained in his works is the opportunity for the viewer to have an enjoyable experience in each person's imagination about the "cow’s head and human’s body" image.

Sculpture I

By Vietnamese Artist

Nguyen The Dung

Dimensions 23 x 78 x 26 cm | 9.1 x 30.7 x 10.2 inches
Medium Painted on Faberglass

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