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What is the common point in a crowd who have the same ways in life, in thought, in both habits, small behaviors and cows? What is the common point between a normal obedient cow and a regular crowd? With the artist Nguyen The Dung, his answer is the image of crossbreeding: Man - Cow. In many years of painting, the head and the face of the cow, the human hand was emphasized by the artist Nguyen The Dung, described with light, with blocks in classical techniques, and repeated in both paintings and sculpture works. In contrast, the entire body, with pants, plaid and tie to platforms, cushions, floors ... or space, are just plain blocks, with flat graphics. In addition to a small number of individual portraits, most of the paintings are images of “man’s body – cow’s head” standing in a certain order.


By Vietnamese Artist

Nguyen The Dung

Dimensions 105 x 135 cm | 41.3 x 53.1 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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