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The painting of Le Thiet Cuong stands between two eyes: an eye for the innocence of children and an eye toward the rationalistic view of modern art. These eyes combine to create an open sky for the imagination and creativity of the artist. Le Thiet Cuong always wants to return to childhood, desires for the joy and inspiration of childhood. For him, everything around him can be transformed into a painting theme, from small daily objects such as chopsticks, bowls, knives, oil lamps, carpets…More strange things such as: an eye, a hand, a piece of the moon ... He draws and draws with the enjoyment of children, drawing as playing easily a game, imaginative and mischievous. The painting of Le Thiet Cuong is easy to understand and close to the spiritual life of Vietnam. He painted the dreamy countryside themes such as: flying kites, jump rope, buffalo herd, hide and seek, fishing, watching the moon ... or the topic of urban life such as two people, in the park, ancient quarter, Long Bien Bridge ... and many natural scenery with four seasons change: (spring, summer, autumn, winter). Sometimes we see in Le Thiet Cuong a rest place, a man watching the moon, watching the moon and free in the sky, in the universe.

Grazing buffalo

By Vietnamese Artist

Le Thiet Cuong

Dimensions 80 x 100 cm | 31.5 x 39.4 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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