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Like Bui Xuan Phai, Le Thanh Son loves streets and paintings of Son are always the masterpieces that make up the reputation of a leading art talent in the Vietnamese contemporary fine arts. The dense oil paint strokes are not dry ink to convey the deep feelings of a painter of nature so passionate that it leaves the soul of adventure. The passion and enamored art made Le Thanh Son have the ultimate ecstasy, creating thousands of beautiful natural love song to silence, making viewers want to immerse in the paintings to the extent that can be forgotten. the reality. The "empty town" is the image of the road in the sunshine, the rows of trees dyed purple sky, on the road that only a few small life touches the great hidden of things. Perhaps the deserted city has brought the viewer into the deepest consciousness of life, so that from the calm and calm, the viewer will find peace in his own soul.



Quiet street II

By Vietnamese Artist

Le Thanh Son

Dimensions 95 x 110 cm | 37.4 x 43.3 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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