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The scenery of Le Thanh Son shows a simple life with the feelings of the artist who passionates nature. The oil painting material has become an effective bridge in linking Le Thanh Son with the public. The passionate and thick brushstrokes, with a good expression made Le Thanh Son's art become more and more professional. The free and generous style in brush strokes of the painting depict the violet flowers on the surface of the lake occupy most of the space to make the viewer feel romantic. Viewer’s souls are in a high region beyond the framework of the painting. The image of a red dragonfly was blooming on the painting considered as a special highlight, although it is small but warm enough for the painting that mainly has the fresh colors. Thus, with an excellent imagination, surpassed in the fairy tales, Le Thanh Son has put into his paintings are full of cinematic colors, spiritual and passionate.


By Vietnamese Artist

Le Thanh Son

Dimensions 110 x 130 cm | 43.3 x 51.2 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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