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It can be said that Hong Viet Dung is one of the most talented painters of the contemporary Viet Nam fine arts, his works attract the viewer with a style of art that few people have. The inspiration in his paintings is often the landscape, but if other successful painters only paint the landscape with real dictionaries, then Hong Viet Dung won the victory because of his special way of painting. The painter Nguyen Thanh Binh once said: "In the galaxy, who makes a fragile moment of immortality, that person is an artist," we can absolutely give those praises to Hong Viet Dung. The painter mainly captures the soul of the scene and gives emotion and changes the painting into a mesmerizing artistic language. The rows of green trees connect each other to the horizon creates a virtual scene immersed in the romantic atmosphere of the classic oriental feature.

Peaceful moment

By Vietnamese Artist

Hong Viet Dung

Dimensions 110 x 210 cm | 43.3 x 82.7 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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