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Dao Hai Phong mainly draws the landscape with brilliant colors, especially red and blue. Artist Le Thiet Cuong used to call Dao Hai Phong as Mr. Blue because the blue color  which Dao Hai Phong uses is a very bluish green (Ultramarine type of France), in the contemporary Vietnamese fine arts, not so many painters dare to use that blue color. The rooftops nestled next to the big red tree on the blue skyline and the waves make the viewers get lost in an artistic labyrinth of colors without finding the exit. The moonlight glows down to the water to create a yellowish effect, though it is weak but it is enough to illuminate a dark area in the space.

Moon village

By Vietnamese Artist

Dao Hai Phong

Dimensions 80 x 133 cm | 31.5 x 52.4 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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