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Hanoi for Dang Van Quynh is the utopian world in the past - an unreal world, flat as a schema. Paintings with lush gray houses, lonely streets, and in the far distance, we found the warmth of life in the street with a little color that brought a to the scene. The mesmerizing visual in his paintings is the camouflage of his intricate approachment to the city, in which the city is not merely a subject for portraiture, but is also a romantic means. Dang Van Quynh has long been remained to paint minimalismly and distillingly details and then he generalized them with the smooth brushstrokes and saving colors, in which the oil painting material is a vridge between the artist and the public, leading viewers to the region of “aesthetic thought”.

Street vender

By Vietnamese Artist

Dang Van Quynh

Dimensions 100 x 150 cm | 39.4 x 59.1 inches
Medium Oil on Canvas

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