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Bui Huu Hung is an outstanding artist of complex skills in applying classic lacquer techniques and using indigenous paints to portray the deep shades of the ancient story in which the interior psychplogy is depicted on the background of imaginative space so he is considered one of the few artists who can revive again the spririt of lacquer art. The art world of Bui Huu Hung is an alone world with simple lines, shapes and colors, and they tend to be dark. Sometimes, the main character is not in the center of the painting but it flexibly moves. The painting "Village I" with the main layout focus on the trees, adding the images of herd girls and the buffalo, these imagines remind viewers about a green and vital nature but the alone space is described with the concrete imagines in the abstract forms by the artist. By erasing the boundary between real and imaginary in the space of his own art world, Bui Huu Hung emphasized the existence of things and normal scenes that become the mythical beauty.

My village II

By Vietnamese Artist

Bui Huu Hung

Dimensions 122 x 122 cm | 48 x 48 inches
Medium Lacquer on wood

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