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In the art paintings of Bui Huu Hung, the viewer can easily recognize the ancient and mysterious atmosphere  in his paintings, thanks to the way he selects the theme and his artistic expression. Bui Huu Hung does not paint portraits of real people from the past, he only expresses through painting drawn from the imagination inspired by ancient Vietnamese stories and folk tales. Many of the characters depicted in his paintings are not the center of folk tales but are often mothers, sisters, or a hero. The painting "Meditation" with the unique way of creating, the strange colors demonstrated the inner psychological of the character that the artist is trying to convey through his own art language. The images of the earth, the heaven, the spiritual life, temples and pagodas  are not really present, they occasionally appear or new images of Buddha or incense burners that evoke a calm and mysterious atmosphere and they are unforgettable for viewers.


By Vietnamese Artist

Bui Huu Hung

Dimensions 122 x 122 cm | 48 x 48 inches
Medium Lacquer on wood

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