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It can be said that among Bui Huu Hung's lacquer works on human subjects," Mandarin’s wife III" is one of the paintings that are highly appreciated because of its topic, color, lines, layout as well as the way Bui Huu Hung conveying the message to viewers perfectly. The character chosen by the artist is a mandarin’s wife who is a royal person of the ancient age. Athough she is not a princess, she still has the best precious and excellent beauty, but it is so still simple and close to the viewers. The details in the painting depicts the ancient factor of the characters, such as: hats, loose coat, rings, hairstyles, sitting posture, and face ... All have been demonstrated in an ancient space because the yellow color mainly in the painting’s composition directly conveyed that. Bui Huu Hung has successfully described the romance and mystery of ancient legends by describing his characters in paintings.

Mandarin's wife III (sold)

By Vietnamese Artist

Bui Huu Hung

Dimensions 122 x 122 cm | 48 x 48 inches
Medium Lacquer on wood

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