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Bui Huu Hung is an artist who is always looking back to the past, his paintings are nostalgic and imbued with the beauty of the past. The subject is often the stories revolve around the life of palaces and ancient women in traditional costumes. The motif character in Bui Huu Hung's paintings can be simply a human being but they must be special characters and according to that, the artist can exploit variously different artistic aspects of each character. Colors used in his paintings are mainly luxury in order to create the elegant atmosphere and exude the cultural space of the ancient Vietnamese folk art. In the painting " Girl with bird-cage II", Bui Huu Hung uses the majestic yellow color to depict the royal beauty of the character. The painting not only give us a deep insight about human survival but also preserves the underlying ethical principles and it is considered as the inspiration of humanism in many centuries.    

Girl with bird-cage II

By Vietnamese Artist

Bui Huu Hung

Dimensions 122 x 122 cm | 48 x 48 inches
Medium Lacquer on wood

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